Gourmet Harvest’s Beautiful and Festive Special Occasion Harvest Loaf is Back!

Houston, TX, December 02, 2021 – Gourmet baker, entrepreneur and President of Gourmet Harvest International, Jeanette Davis announced that the 1.5 pound Special Occasion Harvest Pumpkin Loaf is available for Special Order and to get your orders in early to ensure you get these delicious holiday treats before they run out.

Just call or use the Contact Us form for ordering.

Davis said, “Our clients really loved the flavor, the festive look and the one and a half pound size. They said it was a wonderful gift as well a perfect delicious treat for themselves.

Gourmet Harvest International’s immensely popular Nut Cake Mini-Bites, Nut Cake, Muffins, Harvest Nut Cake Loaves as well as delicious Butter  Pecan Muffins and renown Gourmet Holiday Fruitcakes are also available for order anytime.

Asked about her famous muffins and loaves Davis added, “Our harvest nut muffin and loaves are made with a blend of enriched flour and brown sugar combined with a robust combination of fruit and spices consisting of citrus, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and nuts. Each is baked full of mouthwatering flavor and texture from our secret family recipe. They are delicious any time, however they are also a fantastic addition to anyone’s holiday table.”

Gourmet Harvest International products are available at various Houston gourmet and specialty food markets. If they are not available where you shop ask the store to order them. Of course, you can always order your favorites directly from Gourmet Harvest International.

They are also available online at www.GourmetHarvestInternational.com


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“My mother and her sisters continued the tradition of making the family recipe cakes my grandmother made.  I loved to smell the aroma of the cakes baking throughout the house. For the rest of my vivid memories, long after the baking had been completed, we had cake for weeks and even months. Good all the way to the last crumb. I remember going to the closet where the cake was kept. There inside a large stainless steel pot, the cake was wrapped in cheesecloth and then covered with kitchen towels. The pot was sturdy but worn. I can remember that one of the wooden grip handles on the pot was broken. Leaving the remaining piece of wooden handle to spin around the screw. As soon as the lid, with a big wooden knob, was opened, the aroma quickly filled the air. It was as a little girl that I acquired the taste of our family’s favorite recipe.” ~ Jeanette Davis

Our Mission: To share a recipe that has been a family favorite for years. Throughout the years it has been shared with close family and friends. I would like others to experience the great taste and enjoy our recipe. It has been in our family for years.



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