Halloween Recipe - Banana Mummies

Gourmet Harvest International Recipe Of The Month – Banana Mummies for Halloween

This is a delicious treat that we know you will enjoy. Halloween is coming up with lots of parties and fun to be had. We think everyone will love these delicious and nutritious treats. They are simply spooktacular. The recipe is from the Woman’s Day Kitchen, where you can find fun and easy recipes to make at home.

4 bananas
1 lb. white chocolate
4 oz. white chocolate
16 mini m&m’s
4 oz. milk chocolate chips
8 Lollipop sticks


1.Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Skewer each banana half with a lollipop stick and freeze until firm, at least 2 hours.

2. In a large microwave-safe measuring cup, melt 1 pound white chocolate in the microwave according to package directions. One at a time, dip the bananas into the chocolate to coat, shaking off any excess. Return to the baking sheet and immediately place two M&M candies near the top for eyes.

3. Melt the remaining white chocolate in the microwave according to package directions and fill a small piping bag fitted with a small, round nozzle tip. Pipe zigzags over the banana to form bandages. Repeat this step with the milk chocolate, if using. Chill or freeze until ready to serve.

As we said earlier, this spookily delicious Banana Mummies Recipe is from our friends at Woman’s Day Kitchen Woman’s Day has wonderful information on Food, Health, Home and Relationships. You can visit them here: Woman’s Day

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